Dear UK Home Care Providers,

Still struggling with visit-coordination despite experienced co-ordinators and expensive software?
We are pleased to offer a free guide on using Ai for home care agencies for a limited time.
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What can an Ai powered coordinator do for you?

50% Cost Saving

Enjoy immediate cost saving in the form of reduced coordinator expenses y and software costs.

Innovative Scheduling Software

Fully automated with thousands of optimized allocations done instantly.

Embedded Intelligence

A full time coordinator’s weekly tasks done in the matter of few clicks with no need of domain knowledge or experience.

Preference Driven Ai

Enhance User satisfaction by accommodating their preferences coupled with Care Worker-friendly rosters and utmost flexibility.

Want more from your Ai coordinator?

Thorough Impact Analysis

From unexpected leaves or unavailability, an Ai coordinator is able to tackle such changes in real time with a multidimensional approach with minimum disruption to your scheduling and clients. 

Intelligent Change Management Flow

Every possible change and its impact  is considered in real time by your Ai coordinator for better projections and decision making, thereby elevating stress on your business, care workers and care service users. 

The opportunity for Ai adoption

Currently, Homecare Providers are stuck in a perpetual loop of problems they have grown to accept, largely because of the limitations of existing software solutions.

We propose breaking out of this vicious cycle by enabling your organization to tackle core problems with software-assisted intelligence without being restricted by human limitations.

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting and reshaping most industries and now it is time for the homecare industry to transform.

Learn how to revolutionise your home care agency with Ai Schedulers through our free guide.

How an Ai coordinator will transform your business?

Eliminates Travel Time Issues

Ai identifies most optimal travel times for all visits without loss of allocation quality

Guarantees Efficient Utilization of Care Workers

Makes most effective use of available care workers and guarantees an unbiased distribution of workload

Fastest Rostering Platform in The Market

Allocates 1000 bookings instantly (<30s) while guaranteeing optimal allocations without violating constraints

Recommends Instant Smart Solutions for Emergency Covers

Proposes multiple alternatives to minimise disruptions to care delivery

One-stop Solution for Payslip and Invoice

Automatic holiday pay computations for payslip generation and seamless invoice generation for complex plans

Centralised Alerts and Actions for Service Quality Assurance

Instantly highlights all data and booking issues, eliminating inadvertent omissions or human errors

What Are You Waiting For?

Join us on this exciting journey towards Ai transformation

The Traditional Way Without Ai

Without AI

The Modern Way With Ai

With AI

Learn More With Our Free Guide And Stay Ahead Of The Competition

Focus of your home care business should be your care users. Let Artificial Intelligence and good software manage everything else

  • Learn how to use Ai and scale your business with existing coordinators and team members

  • Embrace the ultimate synergy with Ai for homecare

  • Make use of the limited time availability of the free guide and stay up to date

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